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This was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken thanks to Puma Expeditions!! My husband and I traveled with a group of 9 total on our trip to Cusco, our main guide Jorge was excellent leader for the group! It was a trip filled with education and exploration. Our guide for our 2 days Machu Picchu adventure was Miguel. He was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the Inca history.

Thanks to everyone at Puma Expeditions for the trip of a lifetime!!

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List of things you may need!

Listed here are some of the more important items that you will need to bring for the high altitude and the rainforest.

Official papers :
- Valid and original passport.
- Sleeping Gear :
- Sleeping bag (You can rent it in our office if you don’t have one).
- Thermal rest mattress (Optional).


- Mid weight fleece or wool sweater
- Fleece pants or tights
- Mid weight thermal underwear tops and bottom, synthetic or wool
- Hiking pants
- Hiking shorts
- Long-sleeve shirts
- T-shirts
- Underwear and casual socks
- Hiking socks
- Liner socks, synthetic
- Swimming suit

Clothing accessories
- Cap
- Fleece hat
- Bandana
- Fleece gloves

- Sturdy hiking boots, waterproof, lightweight, broken-in, aggressive tread.
- Camp shoes such as tennis shoes or sandals or other comfortable footwear to use in our campsites.

Travel Accessories


-Bottle of water or Camelback
-Flash light
-Watch with alarm or travel clock
-2 roll of toilet paper
-Sunglasses and retainer strap
-Sun block and lip balm
-Toile try kit
-Small Washcloth
-Personal first-aid kit
-Hand sanitizer gel
-Insect repellent
-Several Ziploc plastic bags

-Money for drinks, tips and souvenirs.

You may need for the Rainforest!

Some items are listing above already..

- Warm jacket, fleece or sweater, (can be purchased in Peru, but bring at least one.)
- Jeans or Khaki pants. (3 pairs)
- Long sleeved shirts, T-shirts
- Hat, Sunglasses, Sun block, Moisturizer ,lip salve
- Insect repellent (with at least 25% Deet, or herbal alternative like "jungle juice") After bite lotions
- long cotton socks, towel, bathing suit
- Rain gear or poncho is perfect for winter, (May-September)
- Hiking boots or comfortable walking shoes, sneakers, Teva's are excellent!
- Plastic and zip lock bags ( to ensure all possessions stay dry)
- Binoculars (imperative), Camera
- Personal flashlight, batteries

Health and Fitness

Very important, should travelers have any particular ailments requiring specialized medication, they should ensure that sufficient stocks are carried with them.Also a copy of prescription should be carried with them. You may want to discuss these with your doctor. Your health and safety during your trip are our first concern. Puma Expeditions is not a medical facility. You should be in good health to participate in our adventures


Peru recommends a current yellow fever vaccination for trips to the rainforest region. This vaccination is normally is required or recommended for all rainforest regions around the world, and is valid for 10 years. If you want to get a shot, it must be administered at least 10 days before departure to Peru. There is an extremely low Malaria risk in this part of the rainforest of Peru that is easily preventable with proper use of insect repellent and appropriated clothes to avoid being bitten.

Travel Insurance

It is your responsibility to obtain your own travel insurance, that covers medical expenses and personal injury. It is imperative that you get this prior to your arrival in Peru since you will be unable to participate in any tour without it.

Visa and Passport

Peru does not require a visa, only a valid current passport. If you do not presently have one, you should apply for one immediately.


Peru money Nuevo Sol almost all places in Peru accept the US dollar, The most common US dollar exchange practice is through "cambistas" in the streets. These are people who display their calculators in one hand and currency bills in the other. You can change money and traveler's checks safely in the Banks,airports, and currency exchange stores and ATM machines are easily accessible in the Cities.

$ 1 Dollar = s/.3.32 Nuevo Sol

Traveler’s checks are not very welcome in Peru. Banks will exchange them only at a high fee. Credit cards, such as American Express, Access/Master card, Diners Club and Visa are all accepted, but usage facilities may be limited outside the major cities.

Banking Hours

09:30AM to 4:00PM


Lima Jan: 82' Jun: 68' Nov: 74'
Cusco Jan: 68' Jun: 69' Nov:73'
Maldonado Jan: 92' Jun: 90' Nov: 93'

Time Zone  GMT/UTC-5

Electricity  220V 60Hz

Dialing Code  51

Languages  Spanish (official), Quechua (official), Aymara. and large number
minor Amazonian languages.

Religions Roman Catholic 90%