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This was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken thanks to Puma Expeditions!! My husband and I traveled with a group of 9 total on our trip to Cusco, our main guide Jorge was excellent leader for the group! It was a trip filled with education and exploration. Our guide for our 2 days Machu Picchu adventure was Miguel. He was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the Inca history.

Thanks to everyone at Puma Expeditions for the trip of a lifetime!!

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The Amazon Rainforest Conservation Center (ARCC)

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This 6 days tour cultural zone adventure, is the complete exploration of the zone, staring by the High lands learning species of plants and Birds only habits in this area, descending to the cloud forest we are going to have time to walk around the road learning about a lot species of plants and species of birds, enjoying the water falls,  mountains cover by density of vegetation

4 days tour is the most popular program of the Cultural Zone we have, during this days it give you a time to see abundant birds, monkeys and mammals having a lot fun swimming, walking the trails you also are going to learn about the natives communities whom are share their culture, enjoy hot spring in the rainforest clear water streams that you can swim

We have created 2 days tour to the Manu Cultural Zone for people doesn’t have much time on their vacation, meantime the visitors can see the archeological site Chullpas de Ninamarca (pre-Incan tombs) located in the high land. Later on, descending to the cloud forest you will enjoy the green mountain vegetation with abundant birds, water falls

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This expedition is one of the most complete Manu rainforest experiences, we take you to the interesting points of this huge National Park, which is Cocha Otorongo, Cocha Salvador (ox-bow lakes) where it can be found a lot of wildlife attractions,  also takes you to the Blanquillo Macaw Clay Lick where you will enjoy hundreds of Parrots and Macaws

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Las Piedras Amazon River Tour is the ultimate rainforest in Peru,  it is a comfortable way to enjoy abundant wildlife, Families of Spider Monkeys, Howlers Monkeys are common to see them in the pristine rainforest, at comfortable lodge located next to Soledad Lake you will have the chance to see the Giant

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kayaking or canoeing by the lake you will have an easy chance to see species of monkeys, birds, giant otters, alligators. The network trails, towers, platforms and hides are special designed to allow you to get close to the animals that live here in their natural habit, mean time spend the nights in comfortable

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The amazon rainforest of Peru is home to the greatest diversity of birds in the planet, It is wonderful to see the number of endemic birds in Las Piedras Amazon River the wide variety of natural habitats has created the ideal conditions for the highest population of birds, the Amazon Rainforest Conservation Center is

The fast way to visit the Manu reserved zone, we take you to the most interesting points of the park, where you will find abundant wildlife and dense pristine forest along your journey Exploring the most important points of the reserved zone surfing the (ox-bow lakes) and visiting Tambo Blanquillo you will see the Macaws Clay Lick , watching hundred of them  

If you love birding, Manu Park probably is going to be a place to see more birds that another place, the exclusive geography to mountains, cloud forest and the lowland rainforest hold thousand species of birds, some of them still unknown by the ornithologist, our experts guides will help to located out the best spots to find exotic rainforest birds

Las Piedras River Over 20 years of Experience in Manu

Our experience and knowledge about the rainforest has created the perfect programs for your once in a lifetime travel adventure.

Our service is to care for and provide exceptional tourism and hospitality management throughout own programs and promote education to those who travel with us while paying close attention to their individual needs.

         Equal importance given to all groups (individual or organized).

Why take an Amazon Rainforest Tours with Us!

For many Rainforest travelers, an unexpected highlight of an Amazon Rainforest tour is the chance to sample many of the region’s popular dishes, both traditional and modern. Meals are lovingly prepared with fresh, locally source ingredients from the surrounding environment . You can expect to sample a variety of exquisite fish, meat and vegetable dishes, accompanied perhaps by a made with exotic tropical fruits.

the food and drinks in the trip will be a trip highlight!

The rainforest make for prime adventure opportunities. From the water to the depths of the jungle, active travelers will find plenty to do here. In the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest there are several canopy systems, which enable travelers to explore the treetops and take in dramatic views from up to 25 meters above the ground. Swim in an oxbow lake and rivers you may want bicycle ride from the top mountain to rainforest or river rafting activities interactive playing a soccer match with a local community.

The Peruvian Amazon is home to a diverse population of Amazonian tribes and mestizo communities. some even remain wholly un contacted by outsiders. Some communities have decided to share their culture with visitors to the Amazon, inviting tour groups to learn about their lifestyle. You may meet a local shaman,  learn about natural medicine, meet local school kids and see first hand how Amazonian food is prepared. Hand-made goods are often available for sale, which helps to sustainable support these communities

The Amazon Rainforest contains some of the most vibrant and exotic wildlife in the world. It is home to Jaguars, macaws, spider monkeys, to name just a few. Some of these species  are endemic to the Amazon region, so being able to see them in their natural habitat is quite spectacular.

The Manu National Park  in Peru boasts some of the Amazon’s most abundant bio diversity. Once you are there, you will see the vast green place, just sit down tight,

be very quiet and use each of your senses to listen to leaves rustling in the trees and lakes!





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