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This was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken thanks to Puma Expeditions!! My husband and I traveled with a group of 9 total on our trip to Cusco, our main guide Jorge was excellent leader for the group! It was a trip filled with education and exploration. Our guide for our 2 days Machu Picchu adventure was Miguel. He was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the Inca history.

Thanks to everyone at Puma Expeditions for the trip of a lifetime!!

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Our only destination is Peru. Our experience and knowledge about Peru has created the perfect programs for your once in a lifetime travel adventure.  We strive to create a comfortable and safe visit to Peru.  Not only do we take care to show the most memorable attractions, we are also concerned about your comfort and anticipate and take care of your needs as they present on your tour.  We've all heard stories of people's travel nightmares.  Our tours are expeditions. By being prepared in all ways, we help ease your worries and anxieties to make this tour a dream come true.

Our service is to care for and provide exceptional tourism and hospitality management throughout own programs and promote education to those who travel with us while paying close attention to their individual needs.

Our Team


Puma Expeditions is the brain-child of Jorge Moscoso, a Peruvian native who now resides in the USA for more than 15 years.  Jorge lived and worked in Cusco and the Madre de Dios region of Peru for most of his life.  His work as an ecologist and Guide for eco tours as well as his respect and understanding of native cultures has led him to develop this company which strives to preserve the rainforest and native cultures of Peru through education and sharing the magic and beauty of the Peruvian culture with the Western world. His life in the USA has made him aware of the expectations and standards of quality, sanitation and timeliness expected in the Western world, while emphasizing the differences and unique qualities of Peruvian culture.  This combination has enabled him to create the best Peruvian Eco-tours offered today.


Miguel  is a professional adventure guide and he has worked as a guide from 1993. He holds a degree in tourism from Cusco’s San Antonio Abad University and possesses excellent knowledge of Peruvian history and culture. He leads groups of travelers on our eco-tours, He is expert in adventure tourism in the Andes mountain ranges of Peru, Cusco, machu picchu, Inca Trail, Chokequirao, Valle de Lares, Ausangate,  Miguel enjoys the contact with nature that comes with his job, and takes pleasure in teaching visitors to Peru about the magnificent history of our ancestors, he also preset attention and understand the necessities of each passenger whom enjoyed his group, Miguel are guiding hundred of tourist in the present time and he has and good record as a guide in Peru.


Jose Moscoso is our coordinate and logistic manager of the tours in Puerto Maldonado Las Piedras River, he is the managing director and founder of ARCC Amazon Research and Conservation Center  Jose was born and raised on the upper Madre de Dios River, near an indigenous Machiguenga community; the roots of his passion for the rainforest and concern for indigenous peoples. Pepe gained his extensive rainforest experience organizing logistics for biologists, heading expeditions in search of the legendary lost Incan City of Paititi, working on macaw research projects and managing eco-tourism lodges. Now Jose channels his energy creative talents into the development of Ecological tours in Las Piedras River, Puerto Maldonado.

Our Service We are a family company

Over 20 years of experience in Manu National Park, the Moscoso family are one of the first colonist of the zone, During this years they are helping biologist, Scientific and general lovers of the rainforest to realize their dreams,  as explores and naturalist guides of the rainforest they are committed to show you the most important areas with abundant wildlife and a lot culture..