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Over 20 years of experience in Manu National Park, the Moscoso family are one of the first colonist of the zone, During this years they are helping biologist, Scientific and general lovers of the rainforest to realize their dreams,  as explores and naturalist guides of the rainforest they are committed to show you the most important areas with abundant wildlife and a lot culture..



Leaving early from the Imperial City of Cusco heading South over the Andes in our private transport we will visit the pre Inca tombs of Ninamarca (3800m/12,000ft) and then the colonial town of Paucartambo where we will stop for breakfast. After a brief stroll around town we will continue our journey until we reach the official entrance of Manu National Park where we will then descend through different layers of Geography, Arriving to the cloud forest we take a walk to give you the option to see butterfly and birds (Cock of the Rock is quite common on this route and is the national bird of Peru) plants of all types, orchids with luck we should be able to see various species of monkeys that frequent the road side, Continue our journey we will head to Salvacion Town where where will be staying for the night.

 DAY 2

We are start walking around the town looking for birds and it’s a good time to see toucans and tanagers. Later we are going to visit Cocha Machuwasi an Ox Bow lake that is teaming with wildlife that you can see from up close whilst being chauffeured across the lake on manmade wooden rafts. This is ideal for taking photos of typical yet stunning jungle views. From here we will head down river into the low jungle to the hot spring lodge time to walk the trails, After dinner we will head on a nocturnal walk which gives you a totally different perspective on the jungle and its night time inhabitants, you might even see a night monkey! (Optional spend time in the hot spring)


An early start again that will allow us to visit a Parrot Clay Lick. Parakeets, Auroras are abundant at that time of the morning and will hopefully be in full song with a truly special dawn chorus. Afterwards we will return to our camp site for a breakfast, Heading down river we will reach the town of Boca Manu to towards up Manu River having a lot change to see abundant wildlife along the bank of the river, Afternoon late we are going to arrive to Casa Machiguenga  for over night.


As early as possible  Salvador  for the ox bow lake, Basque in the morning light and watch the Giant River Otters fishing and eating their own breakfast. It’s quite common to spot monkeys in the immense trees that surround the lake at this time. The lodge will serve breakfast around this time and we will head back slowly taking in the day. Afterwards we will head to another lake called Otorong (Quechua for Jaguar) with its observation tower and walk the different trails, heading back to camp in the afternoon for lunch we will once again then set off into the jungle in the afternoon to look for howler monkeys. Finishing off with a spectacular evening meal where we will have a chance to swap jungle stories.


This day will be spent heading down the river to a lodge called Blanquillo and we should arrive around midday, after lunch, we will head out to Lake Blanco to explore aroud the lake, returning to the lodge rounds the day off nicely with hot showers and the opportunity to relax in a bit of comfort with the usual high quality dinner


A nearby Macaw clay lick will be our first stop where we will see all the classic large parrots and macaws at their most active, feasting on the nourishing minerals and then taking flight in droves. After that, we will head along some trails that pass through groves of enormous trees. Afternoon we are going to visit Cocha Camungo to see more a lot wildlife,  by the afternoon we are going to claim the canopies tower to have spectacular view of the rainforest.


This day we are going to spend time heading down river to the port of Colorado where we will change to our private vehicle involve heading along the transoceanic highway and back to the Imperial City of Cusco. This is an entirely different road to the one we came in on and with that comes new vistas, up to 4700m/15000ft and the snow capped peak of Ausangate (6300mts/18000ft) will dominate the horizon once we reach the high passes. Afternoon Late we will arrive to Cusco City to end our trip of the rainforest.


+ Transportation Cusco-Atalaya–Mazuco- Cusco by private bus

+ Transportation by private boat

+ Accommodation while on the tour, in lodge and camping huts

+ Bread fast,  Lunch, Dinner and snacks for the duration of the tour

+ Gumboots

+ Purified water any time and refreshing drinks (lemonade)

+ Entry fees to Manu Park and to all of the sites covered on the trip (Gallito de las Rocas, the hot spring, Macaws Clay Lick, Canopie Tower, Cocha Machuwasi and Camungo (ox bow lakes)

+ A professional and licensed guide and naturalist who has a solid command of both Spanish and English.


- Soft drinks and beer

- Personal expenses

-Boutique purchases

- Gratuities

- Personal expenses

This expedition is one of the most complete rainforest experiences, we take you to the most interesting points of this huge National Park, which is Cocha Otorongo, Cocha Salvador (ox-bow lakes) where it can be found a lot of wildlife attractions, you will spend time canoeing in these lakes and have a chance to see different species of birds and also variety of monkeys, on the water you can’t miss a chance to see the Giant Otters and alligators where is home for these freshwater carnivores. This expedition also takes you to the Blanquillo Macaw Lick where you can see hundreds of parrot and macaws coming to eat the minerals that they used for their digestions,


Manu National Park - Reserved Zone

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in this tour also you will have walk-up Canopy Towers (optional) in this expedition you don’t need to be an expert in hiking or climbing to see abundant wildlife.

Manu National Park is standing well with wildlife; this enormous park is untouched by man, as one of the last places in the world. Visiting this nature reserve you will experience what is real nature rainforest! You will see incredible variety of species in their completely natural habitats, this Park includes many ecosystems, ranging from 4000 m ( over 12.500 ft) in the Andes through elfin and cloud forest, down to lowland forest at only 300 m (600 ft) above sea level.

7 Days discover the Biosphere of Peru

Highlights Places

Day 1-  Cusco - Paucartambo - Cloud Forest - Salvacion

Day 2-  Salvacion - Cocha Machuwasi - Shintuya - water Falls - Hot Spring

Day 3-  Hot Spring - Casa Machiguenga

Day 4-  Casa Machiguenga - Cocha Salvador - Cocha Otorongo

Day 5-  Casa Machiguenga - Tambo Blanquillo (Cocha Blanquillo)

Day 6-  Tambo Blanquillo - Macaws Clay Lick - Cocha Camungo - Torre

Day 7-  Tambo Blanquillo - Colorado Village - Cusco

Recommended Equipment

+Waterproof gear

+shirt with long sleeves, long pants

+swimming gear/bathers

+Towel for the entire trip

+Personal hygiene

+Shoes (hiking) and sandals

+Headlamp or torch

+Hat, sunglasses and sun block

+supplies & medicines for 3 days (if need it)

+Insect repellent (recommend 40% deep),

+Back pack, day pack, plastic bags

+Warm clothing

+Binoculars, Camera