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Over 20 years of experience in Manu National Park, the Moscoso family are one of the first colonist of the zone, During this years they are helping biologist, Scientific and general lovers of the rainforest to realize their dreams,  as explores and naturalist guides of the rainforest they are committed to show you the most important areas with abundant wildlife and a lot culture..


Day 1:

We leave early from the city of Cusco in our bus, (5am) towards the city of Pto Maldonado, on the way we will pass through the punas and glaciers of the Cusco region, the snowy Ausangate with its 6300 meters of height , will accompany us big part of the way, and with its beauty and magnificent presence encourages us to take many pictures. The alpacas typical of those heights, move in large groups forming a show of extreme beauty, our cameras are vital to make this trip more fun. We enjoy our breakfast in a place where nature invites us to contemplate it.

Our journey continues going from punas and glaciers to dwarf forests, cloud forest, subtropical forest and finally the tropical forest. Lunch is definitely enjoyed in the jungle, the heat invites us to lighten our clothes and we will be arriving at our hotel in the city from Pto Maldonado at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, where we will visit the main square and the local market, a quite interesting place because of the variety of Amazonian products sold there.

Day 2:

After enjoying breakfast, we start in our car on the trans-oceanic highway and then on a secondary road with primary jungles, monkeys, agoutis, or tayras that can be a pleasant surprise in this moment of the morning. Then we arrive to port “Lucerna” where our boat is waiting for us ready to continue our trip by the river Las Piedras to our lodge “Soledad”. On the way, many types of birds such as toucans, macaws or hoatzines are frequent to see, capybaras, turtles and with luck a jaguar can be the big surprise of the morning. Then we arrive to our lodge, a fantastic place surrounded by an impressive jungle, on the shores of the lake “Soledad”!

In the afternoon, after lunch we visit the beautiful lake “Soledad” on a comfortable catamaran. On our way we have the great opportunity to see the family of river wolves that live there, alligators, turtles and monkeys are frequent to watch too, and the sunset In the jungle it’s magical and wild!

At night, after dinner we go out for a walk where spiders, frogs, snakes or alligators are the frequent surprises.

Day 3:

Early in the morning, before breakfast (4:30 am) we leave in our boat to visit the collpa de guacamayos, a fantastic place where perikitos, parrots and macaws gather to socialize and eat clay, rich in minerals very important in their diet.

The sound and color traps us in an amazing activity of unique beauty, where the sounds and colors of hundreds of birds give us a fantastic experience, where the cameras are vital to make this experience more fun. Finally we enjoy breakfast in the company of these great birds!

In the afternoon, after breakfast, we take a walk through the trails of the ARCC private reserve, where during the trek, giant trees with snaking lianas and monkeys are an unforgettable experience.

Day 4:

Early, before breakfast, (5am) we go out on the catamaran to visit the lake “Soledad” and watch the day awaken in an overwhelming jungle environment where howler monkeys, macaws and countless sounds of the jungle fauna envelops us completely. Later we return to the lodge to enjoy a delicious breakfast. Free time, to enjoy the lodge.

In the afternoon after lunch, we leave on our boat to the city of Pto Maldonado, on the way, nature is always generous with us and might reserve us some surprice.

In our hotel in the city of Pto Maldonado a delicious dinner awaits for us to enjoy it.

Day 5:

After breakfast, we leave to the city of Cusco, where we will be arriving at approximately 4pm.


+ Land transportation  by private bus

+ Transportation by private boat

+ Accommodation while on the tour, in hotel, ARCC Lodge

+ Bread fast,  Lunch, Dinner and snacks for the duration of the tour

+ Gumboots

+ Purified water any time and refreshing drinks (lemonade)

+ A professional and licensed guide and naturalist who has a solid command of both Spanish and English.


Air flight Tickets

- Cost of medical emergencies

- Soft drinks and beer

- Personal expenses

-Boutique purchases

- Gratuities

Las Piedras Amazon River Tour is the ultimate rainforest in Peru,  it is a comfortable way to enjoy abundant wildlife, The tour start in cusco, driving towards to the rainforest you will passing the range of the Andean Mountain Ausangate with expectacular views, you journey continues going from punas and glaciers to dwarf forests, cloud forest, subtropical forest and finally the tropical forest. stay in touch with a pristine rainforest, at comfortable lodge located next to Las Piedras River and a Soledad lake (ox-bow Lake)


Amazon Rainforest Conservation Center (ARCC)

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surrounded by untouched primary tropical rainforest its makes for a abundance of wildlife, kayaking or canoeing by the lake you will have an easy chance to see species of monkeys birds, giant otters, alligators. The network trails, towers, platforms and hides are special designed to allow you to get close to the animals that live here, the natural reserve  also has a large macaws Clay Licks nearby, where large groups of Macaws, parrots, Parakeet gather almost every morning.

5 Days Tour, Las Piedras River

What people are saying about the Amazon Rainforest Conservation Center (ARCC)


Fleece pants or tights.

Mid weight thermal underwear tops and bottom, synthetic or wool.

Hiking pants.

Hiking shorts.

Long-sleeve shirts.


Underwear and casual socks.

Hiking socks.

Liner socks, synthetic.

Swimming suit.

Clothing accessories:


Fleece hat.



Sturdy hiking boots, waterproof, lightweight, broken-in, aggressive tread.

Travel Accessories:

Bottle of water or Camelback.

1 roll of toilet paper.

Sunglasses and retainer strap.

Sun block and lip balm.

Toiletry kit.

Small Washcloth.

Personal first-aid kit.

Hand sanitizer gel.

Insect repellent.

Several Ziploc plastic bags.


Money for drinks, tips and souvenirs.