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This was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken thanks to Puma Expeditions!! My husband and I traveled with a group of 9 total on our trip to Cusco, our main guide Jorge was excellent leader for the group! It was a trip filled with education and exploration. Our guide for our 2 days Machu Picchu adventure was Miguel. He was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the Inca history.

Thanks to everyone at Puma Expeditions for the trip of a lifetime!!

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Day 1

Pick up from your hotel and we start heading southeast of Cusco driving by Interoceanic free way passing by Ausangate Mountain we will see the range of the “Cordillera de los Andes”  later the we stop in the cloud forest for a walk to see a peculiar forest and bird of this area, also visiting some local village around the road, arriving to P. Maldonado spend the night at the hotel / Dinner

Day 2

Breadfast in Puerto Maldonado then transfer you to the Soledad Lodge office. You’ll have time to freshen up before the journey, which is comprised of 2 hours by road followed by 2 hours by boat.

Road trip: We will drive from Puerto Maldonado to the Lucerna Port on the banks of Las Piedras River, firstly via the Interoceanic Highway through villages with names such as "Happiness" and "Beautiful Horizon" and then along a shady secondary road that winds (bumpily) through thick stands of giant Brazil-nut trees. We will stop off at a couple of places along the way to stretch our legs, admire the view, and gawp at an impressively large tree or two.

River trip: Once on our boat, with life jackets on, box lunch, binoculars and cameras at the ready, we will head upriver past waterfalls, logjams, sandy beaches, and red-clay cliffs, with good chances of spotting capybara, caiman (a crocodilian), turtles, and numerous species of bird. After roughly 2 hours we will reach the Lodge at the heart of the 25,000 acre Las Piedras Wildlife Reserve.

Box lunch on the boat

Arrival at lodge: On arrival we will take the short path from the river to the Lodge reception area where we'll be met by the manager, other staff members, and a refreshing tropical fruit drink (or two!) We'll receive a quick briefing to help orientate ourselves before being shown to your room, each of which has a suite bathroom with hot water, air conditioning and a view of the tropical garden, Soledad Lake and the jungle beyond.

After we’ve settled in we will meet in the dining room and then go on a late afternoon walk along one of the forest trails that borders the Soledad Lake. Here we will take in the wildlife and the tropical scenery as flocks of birds ranging, from parrot to hoatzins return to their roosts. At this time the resident family of giant otters frequently ventures out into the center of the lake for a final meal of fish before heading into their den for the night.


Evening: After dinner we will move to the bar and relaxation area and our guide will explain some of the important research and conservation activities going on in the reserve, as well as Soledad Lake work with the native and mestizo communities. After this, and before its time to turn in for the night, you will be advised to plug in and recharge your camera s batteries near the bar!

Night at Soledad Lodge

Day 3

Breakfast (7am.)

Lake Ecology: After breakfast we will board the catamaran or paddle for a 2-hour excursion around the lake to visit several keys location from where it will be possible to observe the features, the plants and the animals that make this U-shaped water - body so productive and such a magnet for wildlife. We will not able to visit all corners of the lake, as a full quarter or it is off limit of tourists, at it is set aside for the sole use of Giant Otters and other wildlife. Only very occasionally do research access this area after dark to make a count species in the lake, and activity does not affect the otters.

Trail hike: Having returned from the relaxing lake trip it will be time for some exertion. We will make sure we have insect repellent on and full water bottle at hand, because we will be joining our guide on a circular around a trail that does a short 2 – km. loop through the nearby forest. Our aim is to spot some of the nine species of monkeys, identify the birds whole characteristic call make up the general background sound of the forest, and with further help from our guide we will begin to understand the value to wildlife of the palm species found here, don’t be surprised by our guide taking notes and GPS reading when encountering certain species, it is all part of broad effort to understand their ecology.


Monkeys Amphibians and Reptiles: in the late afternoon around 4pm. After we have let our lunch go down, we will go out and learn firsthand about of some of the wildlife research being undertaken at Soledad Lodge. We will be able to see how amphibians and reptiles are sampled, and how monkeys group are followed thought the forest, as well the resident researchers try and understand underlying species diversity levels and the home range pattern of different species.


The Lake at Night: With this optional, 1-hr nocturnal excursion on the lake (with our guide armed with a powerful flashlight) we will be able to observe at closer range the second top predator of the lake, the Black caiman. These South American alligators, a pair of which reach 4 meters in length on this lake, but can grow larger still, are to be found patrolling in the middle of the lake or feasting on fish near the bank. With the help of the light beam, reflected eye-shine, and our ears, we will also be able to observe, hear, and learn about nightjars, owls, fishing bats, and other creatures of the night.

Night at Soledad Lodge

Day 4

Early Breakfast (5 am)

Early departure from Soledad Lake (pre-dawn) we are heading down the river to reach Lucerna town where is waiting our private car to return to Cusco.

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+ Land transportation  by private bus

+ Transportation by private boat

+ Accommodation while on the tour, in lodge

+ Bread fast,  Lunch, Dinner and snacks for the duration of the tour

+ Gumboots

+ Purified water any time and refreshing drinks (lemonade)

+ A professional and licensed guide and naturalist who has a solid command of both Spanish and English.


- Air flight Tickets

- Cost of medical emergencies

- Soft drinks and beer

- Personal expenses

- Boutique purchases

- Gratuities

Las Piedras Amazon River Tour is the ultimate rainforest in Peru,  it is a comfortable way to enjoy abundant wildlife, without traveling long distances by car to stay in touch with a pristine rainforest, at comfortable lodge located next to Las Piedras River and a Soledad lake (ox-bow Lake); surrounded by untouched primary tropical rainforest its makes for a abundance of wildlife, kayaking or canoeing by the lake you will have an easy chance to see species of monkeys

birds, giant otters, alligators. The network trails, towers, platforms and hides are special designed to allow you to get close to the animals that live here, the natural reserve  also has a large macaws Clay Licks nearby, where large groups of Macaws, parrots, Parakeet gather almost every morning.


Soledad Lake, Las Piedras River

4 Days Tour, Andean Mountain - Cloud Forest - Pristine Amazon Rainforest


Fleece pants or tights.

Mid weight thermal underwear tops and bottom, synthetic or wool.

Hiking pants.

Hiking shorts.

Long-sleeve shirts.


Underwear and casual socks.

Hiking socks.

Liner socks, synthetic.

Swimming suit.

Clothing accessories:


Fleece hat.



Sturdy hiking boots, waterproof, lightweight, broken-in, aggressive tread.

Travel Accessories:

Bottle of water or Camelback.

1 roll of toilet paper.

Sunglasses and retainer strap.

Sun block and lip balm.

Toiletry kit.

Small Washcloth.

Personal first-aid kit.

Hand sanitizer gel.

Insect repellent.

Several Ziploc plastic bags.


Money for drinks, tips and souvenirs.

We spent four nights/five days at ARCC. This very remote location takes a bits of time to get to but the journey is an adventure! En route to the lodge we spotted and photographed a jaguar on the river, one of the highlights of our tour.

The staff went out of their way to make sure our stay was enjoyable. The food is amazing and beautifully presented. Naun, our guide grew up in the jungle and was an excellent spotter and a wealth of knowledge. We saw so much wildlife!

Finesew - Ontario

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