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This was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken thanks to Puma Expeditions!! My husband and I traveled with a group of 9 total on our trip to Cusco, our main guide Jorge was excellent leader for the group! It was a trip filled with education and exploration. Our guide for our 2 days Machu Picchu adventure was Miguel. He was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the Inca history.

Thanks to everyone at Puma Expeditions for the trip of a lifetime!!

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Our experience and knowledge about the rainforest has created the perfect programs for your once in a lifetime travel adventure.

Our service is to care for and provide exceptional tourism and hospitality management throughout own programs and promote education to those who travel with us while paying close attention to their individual needs.

         Equal importance given to all groups (individual or organized).

Why take a Tours with Us!

Peru is a country rich in culinary gastronomy, recently won international awards for its typical dishes of each region, our food service is highly hygienic and we have chefs with years of experience, and we know what important is the food for our pas angers that we take care of it. We use natural products and ingredients. For many travelers have the opportunity to try more popular dishes from the region, both traditional and modern. You can try a variety of exquisite fish, meat and vegetable dishes, as well exotic tropical fruits.

With different types of Geography, Peru has many places of Adventure, all travelers who like hiking in the mountains, explore the Coast, and enjoy an Ecology Adventure in the Jungle, allows travelers to explore many natural areas, archaeological areas, National parks or activities such as rafting, bicycle, canoeing, hiking, or if you prefer you can enjoy an ecological adventure in the jungle.

Did you know more native people live in Peru that in all the other South America countries, is home to a diverse population of mixed communities. some even remain totally un contacted by strangers. Some communities have decided to share their culture with visitors, our tour groups has the chance to  learn about their lifestyle. You can meet the descendents of the Incas, as well as the jungle natives. A local people will show you about natural medicine, handmade products are often available for sale, which helps to sustainable support these communities.

The Country of Peru is incomparable in exotic wild animals of our planet. The bio-diversity of species that exist in the three regions of the Coast, Andean Montana and Amazon Rainforest, It is home to pumas, llamas, Jaguars of Alpacas, macaws, monkeys, Capybaras, Tapirs, Tucanes, Some of these species are unique of the regions, so being able to see them in their natural habitat is quite spectacular.

One of the unspoiled areas is manu National Park in Peru has some of the most abundant bio-diversity's in the Amazon.





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We are specialists in Ecological Tours and adventure destinations. Our programs take you close up to the beauty and power of the deep Amazon rainforest of Peru, Inca ruins such as Machu Picchu as well as many other unique, fascinating and historical destinations within this diverse country. Our itineraries are designed for different individuals with their unique needs. You may choose from comfortable tours, adventure tours (camping & hiking), bird watching tours or customize your own tour. We have a lifetime of knowledge of Peru and are pioneers, discovering new natural areas with abundant wildlife and culture and history. We hope that you will join us on the discovery and adventure of your lifetime!

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